Tuesday, November 03, 2015

2015 International Conference on World War II

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans never fails to produce an amazing line up of speakers and events every year for their International Conference on World War II. This year, the theme is 1945: To the Bitter End and it will explore some of the pivotal events of this last year of the war. The conference runs from November 19-21, 2015.

From their website:

"Our 2015 Conference explores the final year of World War II, from the Battle of the Bulge to the discovery of concentration camps across Europe to the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a time when Allied nations celebrated victory and their leaders sought to implement their postwar agendas."

If you can't make it to New Orleans (like me), then you are in luck: the museum live streams the conference for FREE. This means you can sit in the comfort of your home or office and watch some of the leading scholars of World War II speak about the events of 1945.

A full list of speakers and lectures, plus the link to live streaming, can be found here:


If you missed last year's conference, (which focused on the events of 1944), you can watch it in its entirety here: http://livestream.com/nww2m/events/3632330

Make sure to mark your calendars. This is something you won't want to miss.