Sunday, June 15, 2008

Historic Photos of WW2: Pearl Harbor to Japan

Before the Acknowledgments page in this latest book from Bob Duncan, there is a photo of a Marine dug into the black sand of Iwo Jima. He is trying to catch a few winks and he'll probably be able to since he has a faithful war dog by his side, alert to any danger that might bring harm to his master.

It's a powerful photo, and only one of many in Historic Photos of World War II: Pearl Harbor to Japan by Bob Duncan. His last book covered North Africa to Germany and revealed many stark photos of the war in Europe. This time, he delves into the Pacific Theater, by all odds a bloodier fight for the Americans than they had in Europe. And once again, Duncan delivers a batch of photos, all black and white, that capture the horror of a very different front.

Candid shots of soldiers resting in between battles, fighting in the sands of Iwo Jima and other islands, and of the deadly battles between carriers all appear in this wonderful book, plus many, many more.

These are photos worthy of studying, and simply glancing at them does them an injustice. Duncan's accompanying text only heightens their appeal and you'll come away from this volume with a good deal more insight into the Pacific Theater.