Thursday, August 03, 2006

Memphis Belle

I guess you could say that the movie Memphis Belle started my fascination with World War II. Released in 1990, it had an all-star cast including Matthew Modine, D.B. Sweeney, Eric Stoltz, Harry Connick Jr., Sean Astin, and the relatively unknown Billy Zane.

Inspired by the real-life Memphis Belle airplane, this movie portrays the 25th and final mission of the Memphis Belle crew when they flew over Bremen, Germany. Although the special affects are a bit lacking in places, the actors' performances are superb, portraying the gritty realism of ordinary airmen in the midst of war.

This is an excellent movie on every level. Highly recommended!


Pauline B Jones said...

Did the same thing for me! That's why I wanted my hero in OUT OF TIME to be a bomber pilot.

There is another one, but its got a weird twist. I think its fantastic stories or something? They are in a B-17 and the landing gear won't come down. One of the guys draws wheels and it works. Like I said, weird. grin

Melissa Marsh said...

I've never heard of that one, Pauline. I'll have to look for it, though.

There is an adorable animated movie out called "Valiant" about carrier pigeons during WWII. It didn't make a big splash in Hollywood, but it's worth checking out if you get the time. :-)

DKoren said...

Pauline is referring to an episode of "Amazing Stories" called "The Mission" made in 1985. It had a young Kevin Costner in it! I loved that episode; it's about the only one I remember from that television series and it's stood out in my mind the whole time. I don't know if it's available on DVD or not.

I need to put Memphis Belle on my list of movies to see. Don't know how I've managed to miss that one over the years.

I don't think there was a single movie that got me interested in WWII. I watched so many growing up, it was just part of my early conscious and it always fascinated me. War movies and westerns. I never could figure out which genre I liked better. I know in recent years, rediscovering the tv series "Combat!" re-awakened my interest in WWII, the 1940's, etc.

Melissa Marsh said...

dkoren - Thanks for stopping by. I think it was my dad's interest in WWII that propelled me down the path, but I can definitely pinpoint watching "Memphis Belle" with sparking my interest. I even wrote a novella called "Danny Boy" based on one of the characters.

My husband bought the first series of "Hogan's Heroes" on DVD a few weeks ago. Even though it's comical and not at all realistic, I still love it. I've never watched "Combat!", though.