Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Black Cross by Greg Iles

If you want to read a book that will keep you up until all hours of the night because you cannot wait to see what happens next, then pick up a copy of Greg Iles' World War II thriller Black Cross.

The Nazis are creating a deadly nerve gas in a concentration camp that might possibly be used on the Allies at D-Day. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill asks Dr. Mac McConnell and a Zionist named Jonas Stern to execute a daring plan to convince the Germans that the Allies also have the deadly gas.

Tightly written and full of fascinating history and facts, Black Cross is one of those books you'll remember long after you've finished it.


Anonymous said...

Most people didn't know that we had nerve gas stockpiled on the beaches of Normandy just in case the war really got ugly. We were ready to use it if we had to. My High School History teacher serving in France during WWII found himself waking up in a room full of nerve gas containers (our weaponry) after stumbling into a dark place just to take a nap.

Yank said...

This has been told by a very few. We didn't need to develop new chemical weapons so much during WWII. We already had them. They were used to a great extent in WWI. What most Americans don't know is that we had them stockpiled in forward positions on the battlefield in World War II but did not use them. This may still be classified information in some circles. I bet the Marines taking the islands of the Pacific, at great cost, against a suicidial foe, wished we had.

Melissa Marsh said...

I'd like to find more research about this particular subject. Off the top of your head, do either of you know of any scholarly research that has been done on this?