Sunday, January 08, 2017

Return to D-Day: 35 Men, 70 Landings at Normandy

The importance of recording the stories of World War II veterans cannot be overstated. Thankfully, there is a large push to do just that through several wonderful organizations and museums, incluing the National World War II Museum and The Greatest Generation Foundation. It is the latter organization that has put together this wonderful book to record the stories of 35 men who participated in the Normany invasion. The book is a result of these men's return to Normandy decades after the landings. From the back cover:

"Since 2004, the Greatest Generation Foundation has offered the opportunity for veterans to return to their battlfields at no cost to them. These voyages back to the battlefields are often emotional, providing aging veterans a long-overdue method of dealing with their war experiences, a chance to re-kindle pride in their service and sacrifices, and a venue to education others."

What an incredible, honorable mission.

Return to D-Day: 35 Men, 70 Landings at Normandy by The Greatest Generation Foundation and Warriors Pubishing Group profiles 35 men who were part of one of the most important military actions in history. Each story is accompanied by two photos: a current phone and one from when the veteran was in service. The book is divided into sections and concentrates on each force involved in the Normandy invasion: ground forces, paratroopers, naval support, air support, pathfinders, and those at Eisenhower's headquarters. The men's individual stories paint a harrowing picture of just how all-encompassing the Normandy Invasion was.

It's a moving, sobering look at how the past has shaped these men, proving once and for all that a warrior's spirit never dies.

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