Wednesday, June 06, 2012

68th Anniversary of D-Day

"Crossed rifles in the sand are a comrade's tribute to this American soldier who sprang ashore from a landing barge and died at the barricades of Western Europe. This picture was made by a Coast Guard Combat Photographer who went in with the invaders of France." - Source, WWII Archives

The Invasion of France began on this day 68 years ago. It has been documented in films like The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan. But no one will ever be able to accurately depict the horror of charging up those beaches. Only the brave men themselves who partook in this historic moment will ever know the truth of those seconds, those minutes, those hours of fighting.

But we must remember them, both those who died and those who lived. Both made sacrifices. Both endured terror. All of them deserve our respect and our gratitude. 


Valerie said...

Such a sad reminder of the cost of war. When I see pictures like this it just renews my vow to never forget what these heroes-living and dead did. It makes me sad to know that this fine man was a son, or husband or brother..I think of my own uncle, and how his broken body lay so far from home and his loved ones.

I'll never forget the sacrifices of any of these brave souls.

Melissa Marsh said...

Amen, Valerie.