Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hollywood Goes To War

World War II movies from the Golden Era of Hollywood are plentiful. Most of the era's biggest stars made a war picture. Others went on war bond tours, worked at the Hollywood Canteen, or even served in the armed forces.

Hollywood Goes to War: How Politics, Profits, and Propaganda Shaped World War II Movies, takes an in-depth look at Tinsel Town during the war years. It also takes a closerc look at the OWI - the Office of War Information bureau. This group had one important question for movies made during the war - Will this picture help us win the war?

This is a fascinating look at the relationship between the movie industry and the American government, and offers fantastic behind-the-scenes looks at several popular movies of the time.


Tony Bandy said...

Nice post! Have you seen the book by Roy Hoopes? I think it's titled When the Stars Went To War. It's sorta along the same lines. Great stuff!

Nice Blog! I keep finding these great WW2 blogs!!!

Melissa Marsh said...

Hi Tony -
I think I've seen that book, too. I really need to add both of them to my collection since I can only check them out of the library so many times!

Anonymous said...

Hollywood actors played a major part in the war effort. I have some interesting photos about how Deanna Durbin helped during that terrible conflict at this link:

Alex (Administrator)