Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Historic Photos of World War II: North Africa to Germany

This new release from Turner Publishing Company delivers an honest, unflinching portrait of World War II. With many never-before-published photographs (all in black and white), Historic Photos of World War II is a terrific find.
From the destruction of London to military cemeteries overlooking Omaha Beach, historian Bob Duncan reveals a collection of photographs so powerful, so vivid, that the war ceases to become a historical event and instead becomes a human tragedy.
The last sentence of the preface states it best: "As you turn these pages, you have a through-the-lens view of things just as they were, on the seas and in the air, in thh sand and the mud and the snow where victory and liberation were won."


endroo G said...

Will check it out at the nearest bookstore. Eh, btw, there's a typo you made.

"in thh sand and the mud.." :)

Melissa Marsh said...

Darn it - sometimes I need to recheck my stuff better. Thanks!

Haddock said...

Must read this.
Is that title picture (on the top) from "The Longest Day" ?