Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veteran's Day: Please Thank a Veteran

In the midst of the weekend activities, the sales, and the football games, don't forget who made it possible for you to enjoy all these freedoms. And make no mistake about it - they are freedoms.

Thank the veteran in your life today. Thank the veteran you see on the street. Remember those who did not return, but sacrificed their life for your freedom.

To the vets in my life: my father, my husband, my great-uncles, and all the veterans I've known throughout the years, to all the veterans I will never meet:

Thank You.


Diana Celesky said...

Veterans: Thank you!

Civilians: Please let your congressional representatives know that you want your veterans served by their country.

Varion said...

I like your blog about World War II. I have a World War II blog if you want to see it. its Varion's humor. But my name is not really humor