Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Remember D-Day

Take a close look at this picture. Put yourself in the photographer's shoes. You look out of the troop transport vehicle and see hundreds of your comrades wading through the water, en route to the beach. Shells burst overhead. Guns fire. Men are screaming. Yelling. Dying. It's hell on earth. And you're right in the midst of it.

Today is the anniversary of the Normandy Invasion - D-Day, June 6, 1944. Sixty-two years ago, the Allies lost many brave men.
Remember those men today, and remember the sacrifice they made.


DKoren said...

Hi there - I'm "Dixon's Dame" over on the Fedora Lounge, and I was just following links when I found your blog.

I just had to say this is a most sobering awesome picture, and thank you for posting it!

Melissa Marsh said...

Hi dkoren: Thanks for visiting!

This picture really gets to me. I cannot imagine watching the other men storming the beach, knowing that you might be the next to be mowed down.