Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The World War II Lecture Institute Website

The World War II Lecture Institute's mission is to preserve the legacy of World War II veterans by recording their stories.

This website contains a comprehensive collection of oral histories and narratives from those who experienced World War II.

If you're near Abington, Doylestown or Hershey, Pennsylvania, you can atend the lecture series and hear veterans and others share their stories.

If you know a veteran, ask them their story. Preserve it for future generations. Become a part of the Veterans History Project!


Bailey Stewart said...

First - I love what you've done to the site - it's beautiful.

There's also a University in Florida that is amassing an archive of WWII memorabilia - I'll look up the address and send it to you.

Tip - if someone is going to record an oral history on a cassette tape - make sure that the case is the kind with screws in the corner because they are easier to fix if the tape should break (Can you tell I used to work in a library archives?)

Melissa Marsh said...

Thanks, Eve! I like this template better than the last.

Good tip on the cassettes! Never thought about that before.