Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wing and A Prayer

What a movie.

I found this on sale at a local department store and bought it on a whim. A great decision!

Staring Don Ameche and Dana Andrews, this World War II action-adventure takes place on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific. Sent on a decoy mission, the men are ordered not to engage in combat with the enemy in order to lull the Japanese into a sense of false security before the battle of Midway.

With frustration increasing and moral hitting an all-time low, the men engage in their own private battles with each other.

But it's not long before they have their chance to fight - and become heroes.

Wing and A Prayer has a lot going for it. One, it has great actors. Don Ameche does a stellar job of the ship's commander who has to make tough decisions. Dana Andrews is the squadron leader, struggling to hold his men's moral together while battling his own personal frustrations. William Eythe gives a wonderful performance as a Hollywood star who is now fighting in the war.

The realism of this movie is wonderful. From the inner workings of life on an aircraft carrier to how the men lived, Wing and A Prayer is a history lesson as well as a moving tale of men fighting for their country.

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